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Saturday, July 15, 2006

English Pottery - A Brief History

The foremost potters in the middle of the eighteenth century were John Astbury and Thomas Wieldon and their products comprised wares of all types that were then known. Whieldon's name is linked with wares of pale coloured transparent glazes including early versions of the famous Toby Jug, and similar types made by Ralph Wood and his son also called Ralph.Thomas Astbury is noted for his work made from red clay, either engine-turned on a lathe or with white clay ornaments in relief. The two men led the way in perfecting oflead--glazedpottery achieved by Josiah Wedgwood. A good practical potter was Wedgwood and he had been in partnership with Whieldon. Wedgwood was a better businessman and his cream-coloured lead-glazed earthenware, known from 1765 as Queen's Ware. This type of pottery was so successful that it competed with porcelain and was imitated not only by other English makers but all over Europe


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